We produce and supply traffic safety products that implements additional safety on roads which helps in preventing injuring and save lives.

The quality policy creates a shared platform for quality standards in our business.

The quality policy contains six fundamental elements:

  1. Customer needs and expectations are the driving force behind Salama RMF business, and we must meet them in order to succeed.
  2. We adhere to ethical principles, current regulations and company values.
  3. Quality people make quality organizations, and that’s why our business is based on expert and motivated personnel.
  4. At Salama RMF, quality is all-encompassing and applies to everything we do.
  5. We monitor and measure quality of our operations, and we are committed to continual improvement.
  6. We are committed to working in accordance with our quality policy and expect our collaboration partners/ distributors, etc. to do the same.

Quality is a common interest and an important factor in our success- one that guarantees satisfied customers. Salama RMF’s quality policy is a commitment to our customers and other interest groups.

Making the quality policy an integral part of our practical, everyday work is the continual challenge of quality management. We all – both management and employees alike must be committed in order to succeed.